Hannah, @hklmiller

Wore my new @OttoLondon1 poncho for the first time today cycling in pouring rain in Oxford - can't believe how dry I stayed! So pleased.

Dear Otto

Just wanted to say thanks!

For a while I've been looking for some cycling rain gear and this is the best thing I have found for the non racer (who just gets wet anyway). It answers my problems with other apparel choices

-you don't have to make the choice to be wet in your sweat or the rain, this is so important in sydney where it pisses down on a 25°C day. This is a choice you make even with the best ventilated cycling jackets
-there is a high degree or keeping the legs dry! No jacket does this! Not one that I know of! The Otto keeps off everything except tyre splash and completely crazy sideways rain. This is perhaps the biggest selling point.
-the hood is helmet friendly and stays on without a draw string. Even at 25 ish km/h, the hood stays on and the high 2 way zip helps keep out 99% of water that would enter through the neck
-the combination of the zip/hand straps means I can adjust to either drop bars or upright bars and still keep my legs covered while I make turn signals (I sort of hook the strap to the bars and stick my arm out the side and then take the strap off the bars again)


-it is back pack friendly. I have a big messenger bag and I bought the large size poncho. The bag fits under the poncho without too much loss of arse protection and it avoids the problem of a bag increasing the sweaty ness of a cycling jacket

As a bonus, the Otto is cool enough to wear off bike because it doesn't scream "biker a hole", which means I have some nice rain wear for when I'm just out and about. This point as a bonus increases the justification for the price of an Otto because it isn't bike dedicated and is therefore more acceptable to a significant other who doesn't understand the need for all those cycling bits and pieces.

So, thank you. You've done a great job!

Glen Slough

Ps, I CC'd tokyobike Sydney because they said they wanted a review and Treadlie Magazine because I think this is relevant to the whole Treadlie vibe and I subscribe.

Pps, Here's a photo for the look book since your uploader didn't like my iPad. Excuse the look of concentration, I can't track stand and smile yet...



Hi Otto, I got one through a bike shop in New York and I love it! We are in the middle if cyclepoloza in calgary, a bike festival with lots of social rides, bike prom was last Friday, we dress up in prom clothes bike all over the city then have a party. Five minuets into the ride the rain poured down the thunder rolled and the hail followed. Within a few seconds I had by fabulous yellow poncho from my bike bag it kept me warm and dry through the storm. Even biking into the crazy wind the hood stayed up. I got lots of compliments and recommend your product highly! Then we danced the night away! Thanks for making some a great bike product. Claire 

I may get a red one soon. 

Hi there, 


I am trying to decide which colour cape to go and hoped you could help me! 

I want something bright so I can be seen on the bike but I don't want to go for the yellow one as it could get dirty quite easy and I'm not convinced it's my 'colour'!! I love the purple but my friend has that one so I feel I need to get a different colour so, that brings me to the red!  I love the idea of little red riding hood too so I'm pretty convinced it is the one but, I saw another picture online of that colour and it didn't look very bright at all, in fact it looked like a 'muted red'?


So my long winded question is; Is the red really bright red? In the same way as the purple is pretty punchy? 


I'm so excited to have one of your capes by the way, they are by far the best, most practical and versatile ones I have come across!