House on Fire: We love music we love dancing. We love house music.

Music is the glue that keeps the world together! While politics and religion tears us apart, music unites us wherever we are, we belong, everywhere. Through music and dance we express ourselves in a more carnal and spiritual way.

Music and dance is linked to every move we make and every sound we hear! Even walking is a form of dance. Our own individual form of dance to the rhythms and beats of the city and nature offers us.(surrounding us)

The House Music icon is Otto_london paying homage to House Music, whilst the House on Fire icon represents a House Party that is on fire with our favourite genre of music. We love to lose ourselves in music and dance, making friends on the dance floor. Enjoy living a life, full of rhythm and dance.

Our Hoodies and T-Shirts have the logos embroidered over left breast pocket position, after all, “Home is where the Heart is”.

All our garments are made from organic cotton and fair-trade responsible manufacturers. Members of the fair wear foundation and climate neutral organisation. 100% Organic Product in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced from Indian Cotton, and certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certifications

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